by Brotherless

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Yo 01:08
I will not spend my time wishing that I was someone else Or blowing off my friends 'cause I'd rather be by myself I won't let confusion turn to anger No, 'cause I've already done all that Big ups to everyone who reached out to say what's up 'Preciate it more than you will know This season's gonna pass, and I can't wait for that But for real, this season's gotta pass It's gotta pass It's gonna pass, right?
Bruhtherless 00:57
Wake up alone and I eat alone go to work alone to the bar alone and I sleep alone and I wake alone and I eat alone leave for work alone to the bar alone and I'm waking up alone again Am I too old for this? I don't really care Neglect priorities When every single thing is boring me to tears You're performing satisfactory There's potential in your hands You're a bad, bad man Those seven months could have been better spent
The only thing that ever felt alright to me Was blowing out my eardrums in a room where people see Exactly how I really feel I can tell them what I think I can introduce myself I can smile I'm gonna book myself appointments with my doctor Gonna see an ENT My deductible is high So I'm gonna pay a bunch of money For the Doc to let me know I'll be deaf when I'm 50 Her advice falls on deaf ears (no pun intended) I don't want to do anything else I don't even like anything else All of my money went into this
I saw where you showed up I saw what you did I thought about what you think The thought made me sick We thought that all of them were already dead Just hiding now they're back again We'll crucify your white coats Get extinct, we want to piss on your dinosaur's bones Look up into space Something big is on a track towards us It's heading straight for your face Seriously get it together guys
There's a big black cloud There's a spell, there's a curse Sent ghosts into my new apartment And through the whole neighborhood They come when they want They leave when they please Today I can't remember the words To make them leave I've finally made it to a place where I can go to sleep at night And then I still get out of bed When I look up above me, I can see the sky Not a dark cloud hanging over my head But the black magic is peeking out It's saying words that I've heard it say to me before I am crippled, paralyzed, head in the sand Iknowhowtoliftthecurseupbuttodayicantrememberthewords I'm looking at it's face right now I'm nailing in my hands right now I'm smashing in my head right now
I'm trying to find a place Where I can crack the words wide open Forget about the ways Connection came to me, then stolen So I can be Shallow and free So you can live Without me I watched you fade away I tried to crack the case wide open Drew a masterpiece Threw it into the ocean I will let go I'll be happy And you can live Without me Who am I supposed to love now? There is so much to give of myself Who will come and drink from this cup? Who am I supposed to love now? Someone said to me "Remember who you are, don't hide it" It's taken me Almost a year to write it I will let go I'll be happy So I can be Shallow and free


5 fast puking songs and 1 slow crying song


released November 27, 2017

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Chris Vandeviver at Brass Palace Recording
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Photography by Mike Martinez at Fish and Crown Creative


all rights reserved



Brotherless Rochester, New York

Brotherless is John Cannon, a Rochester, NY native, playing all the instruments and whining about how he only has sisters. He gets way too excited about the intricacies of espresso brewing. Also plays in Barbarosa and Athletics.

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