Walk Of Shame

by Brotherless

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THE James Fun, fast, punk inspired. Cannot go wrong! Favorite track: Never Leave My Side Again.
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Debut Brotherless EP, 2014. John Cannon wrote all the jams and played all the instruments.


released February 25, 2014

Engineered, produced, and mixed by Benjamin Hemingway
Mastered by Kevin Dye



all rights reserved


Brotherless Rochester, New York

Brotherless is John Cannon, a Rochester, NY native, playing all the instruments and whining about how he only has sisters. He gets way too excited about the intricacies of espresso brewing. He also plays drums in Athletics and bass in The Curl and Drag. ... more

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Track Name: Thesis
Blue like the color of the sea
The sea that never called me
Green like the envy that I have
When I watch you push away
White like a lightbulb that went off
When I saw that I could leave
Black like the heart I thought you had
A heart I thought was built by me

I will never be a part of your life
You deceived me
I can't believe I held on

Room for a life of solitude
A wish to run away
Rude, my acquired attitude
It's like I took a piece of you with me
Sick of trying to please you
You didn't ever notice it
Thick, so much nothingness in me
So much void that you could taste it
Track Name: No Halo
I'm a caniving son of a gun
I just wear holy clothes for fun
I can't keep up with the image you have of me
And that's why I feel I'm a disappointment

You keep thinking there's a halo on me
Check my head again and maybe you'll see
I'm not the person that I seem to be
Please forgive me, Please forgive me

My mother, teachers, bosses, friends and family
Their hearts would break if they knew about me
I like the pedestal, it makes me feel good inside
Feels even worse to know that it's a lie
Track Name: Step Away
The phone's been off today I need a break
Some time to think about my biggest mistake
A big decision that I need to make
It's a start

You can be blinded by a pretty face
When you get lonely it's easy to embrace
That pretty face who is ready to give
Their heart away

Then you start to give your love

You think you've gone too deep? You've gotta
Take a step away
If you know what you need to do, know you're not breaking one heart
You're breaking two

Some people live by the code of no regrets
It must be nice to see the world like them
They've never climbed inside a hole
This deep before

It's hard to feel like a man in control
Carrying weight like this around in your soul
I'm terrified but
I can't stay anymore

I've never given anyone more

You're not breaking one heart
You're breaking two
Track Name: Black Thursday
Ideas of a life meant to serve one's self
A culture learned in a culture hell
A culture that believes they can fill that hole

Do you know what this means for us?
We're gonna die alone

Ideas of a life where this is all we know:
The things that make you happy are the things you own
Breeding so your kids can maybe own things too

Your kids will think they're not good enough
Then your kids start buying stuff
Like it'll make them good enough
They grow up and keep buying stuff
A generation lacking any confidence

There is not a man whose life is meaningless
I don't believe that life should be self-servient
I hang my head as we fall apart

Do you know what this means for us?
We're gonna die alone.
Track Name: Never Leave My Side Again
I can't remember
It's been long departed
My body's reaction to
Faces and words has been
Worn out, unpolished,
Rusted, refurbished,
Batteries changed,
But the wires were ripped out

No place I care for,
No audience that wants more,
No drink I took pride in,
Nor friend I confide in,
Abundance of money
Days, warm and sunny,
None shall suffice
As remedy

Now that I've seen it
My eyes can't forget it
My body's reaction to
A beautiful face paired with
Words blessed with color,
Tenderness, comfort,
Is dancing
Like I've been rewired

I've been home for two days
Brought back with me more pain
It's locked inside my brain
It won't be drunk away
The next time we meet
Throw myself at your feet
And demand you never
Leave my side again

No morning sunrise,
No object I could buy,
No hand taken in mine
Can make me feel alive
Because now I remember
Now I surrender
Nothing will do
Only you